God is in our land

The word ‘land’ in the title, doesn’t refer to any geographical region; it refers to the intuitive inner space of each and every being. When Purity is established in mind, it results in Uniformity of thoughts, words and actions. This harmony is known as Truthfulness. When it is felt and expressed spontaneously, we call it Love. This love (which is based on Purity, Uniformity and Truthfulness) is the representation of the omnipresent ‘I’, which is otherwise knows as God.

The Moral Tablet

‘A tablet is a small solid round mass of medicine which you swallow’. This is the definition for a tablet, as given in the dictionary. We take tablet orally, when something goes wrong to the well-being of our existence. We too have such a tablet here for our well being. But this can not be taken orally. One has to swallow this in one’s mind. Like other tablets, this too has its own effects on one’s all around well-being.

Moral Tablets - Global Version


Latest News

The moral tablet is the news here and we want it to be the ‘latest’ and ‘hot’ news ever!